Lauren & Ivan’s beautiful Firle Place wedding

I have loads of gorgeous weddings coming on to the blog for you to see soon! But for now, I am so pleased to share these photos with you – Lauren and Ivan are two very cool people indeed, and chose to have a very DIY wedding day at the beautiful Firle Place. Lauren and her team of very talented helpers had put so much time and creativity into every lovely detail of her village fair wedding, and all their hard work paid off – the venue looked amazing, with gorgeous country blooms, bunting and paper pompoms filling the church and reception at Firle Place. Gorgeous and such a treat to photograph.

I do feel slightly like my mother by mentioning the weather at every opportunity (aah love ya mum!), but seriously I do need to mention that on Lauren & Ivan’s wedding we had the strongest winds I’ve ever shot a wedding in. It was ridiculously windy. Pretty much as close to a hurricane that we’ll get I reckon. And Lauren & Ivan did such an amazing job of still looking utterly stunning despite being blown to pieces – a special mention must go to Lauren’s 5ft long veil, which did become the star of one photo!! Fortunately a Firle Place wedding means that you’re spoilt for choice with places for photographs, although I did make them brave the storms for some shots by the lake. Was totally worth it though!!

Thank you for having me there Mr & Mrs Pinney – you created such a beautiful wedding day, and I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. There are lots to see, but I just couldn’t edit it down anymore… Enjoy!

  • lauren-ivan001
  • lauren-ivan002
  • lauren-ivan003
  • lauren-ivan004
  • lauren-ivan005
  • lauren-ivan006
  • lauren-ivan007
  • lauren-ivan008
  • lauren-ivan009
  • lauren-ivan010
  • lauren-ivan011
  • lauren-ivan012
  • lauren-ivan013
  • lauren-ivan014
  • lauren-ivan015
  • lauren-ivan016
  • lauren-ivan017
  • lauren-ivan018
  • lauren-ivan019
  • lauren-ivan020
  • lauren-ivan021
  • lauren-ivan022
  • lauren-ivan023
  • lauren-ivan024
  • lauren-ivan025
  • lauren-ivan026
  • lauren-ivan027
  • lauren-ivan028
  • lauren-ivan029
  • lauren-ivan030
  • lauren-ivan031
  • lauren-ivan032
  • lauren-ivan033
  • lauren-ivan034
  • lauren-ivan035
  • lauren-ivan036
  • lauren-ivan037
  • lauren-ivan038
  • lauren-ivan039
  • lauren-ivan040
  • lauren-ivan041
  • lauren-ivan042
  • lauren-ivan043
  • lauren-ivan044
  • lauren-ivan045
  • lauren-ivan046
  • lauren-ivan047
  • lauren-ivan048
  • lauren-ivan049
  • lauren-ivan050
  • lauren-ivan051
  • lauren-ivan052
  • lauren-ivan053
  • lauren-ivan054
  • lauren-ivan055
  • lauren-ivan056
  • lauren-ivan057
  • lauren-ivan058
  • lauren-ivan059
  • lauren-ivan060
  • lauren-ivan061
  • lauren-ivan062
  • lauren-ivan063
  • lauren-ivan064
  • lauren-ivan065
  • lauren-ivan066
  • lauren-ivan067
  • lauren-ivan068
  • lauren-ivan069
  • lauren-ivan070
  • lauren-ivan071
  • lauren-ivan072
  • lauren-ivan073
  • lauren-ivan074
  • lauren-ivan075
  • lauren-ivan076
  • lauren-ivan077
  • lauren-ivan078
  • lauren-ivan079
  • lauren-ivan080
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2 Responses to Lauren & Ivan’s beautiful Firle Place wedding

  1. Kathryn says:

    Gorgeous pictures Sara. Looks like a fun day, and I love that veil shot. Brilliant!

  2. Shella says:

    Awww what a gorgeous pair! Looks like such a lovely day – nicely captured!

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