Leah & Shane’s elegant, stylish Pelham House wedding

Leah & Shane035

It is not often that I photograph weddings on a Monday, but this year’s Jubilee Bank Holiday gave Leah & Shane the perfect excuse to have a Monday wedding fit for a princess at Pelham House in Lewes. This was my first time shooting a Pelham House wedding, so I was really excited to see how it all looked, and I really wasn’t disappointed! What a gorgeous place – I’ve lived near Lewes for over 15 years and never realised what an enormous and grand venue this is – the house itself is stunning, and has these beautiful gardens with sculptures dotted about. Really very lovely indeed!

And what about the Bride and Groom?! Leah really did look like a princess, she just seemed so calm and relaxed and BEAUTIFUL all day. And to be honest, Shane just beamed from ear to ear with this gorgeous grin – he really did look like he knew he’d just won the lottery marrying Leah! Family played a very large part to the day = especially when Leah & Shane announced they were expecting their first child during the speeches. Awwwww!!! What a supercute superphotogenic and very chilled out little baby that is going to be!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Da Costa! You had such a beautiful wedding day and I know you’re going to have so many happy years together as a family xxxx

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